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This is what it means to be Pemba

Jack Pemba

Jack Pemba

Moneybags Jack Pemba must be having sleepless nights this week. Debts, an arrest warrant, and sex-tapes; too much for one person. Probably that is why he is too silent, with known contacts off. His close confidants say that he is even out of the country.

Anyway this is what we know about Pemba as of now…

There is an island off the East Coast of Africa named Pemba. Pemba produces most of the world’s cloves. Pemba is geologically much older than Zanzibar and is believed to have been settled at an earlier date, although little is known about its original inhabitants.

More certain is that Pemba’s first inhabitants migrated from the mainland, perhaps as early as several thousand years ago. The Portuguese attacked Pemba in the early 16th century and sought to subjugate its inhabitants by ravaging towns and demanding tributes. As a result, many Pembans fled to Mombasa (Kenya).

This could be the reason why we have some Pemba in Uganda.

Pemba the name

Pemba is also a Tibetan name, which means, “born on Saturday. ”

According to, Pemba is a leader, with self confidence and self reliance. “Although Pemba fears loneliness, he wants to be left alone,” the site says.


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