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Rasta Rob reveals Zari’s age by mistake

Rasta Rob

Rasta Rob was a household name back in the day #MillenialsOneSide. This guy was the baddest DJ in town and it was no surprise that he had the ladies eating out of his palm.

Among the places Rasta Rob, real name Robert Ogwal, played at was the Jinja Sailing Club and boy won’t he forget the memories of that place! And no, it is not because he was making more money than other places, but because it is where he met Zari Hassan.

In an interview with Spark TV early this week, Rasta Rob who admitted that he still thinks about Zari, said he met the socialite at the hangout in 1996. “I discovered Zari at the Sailing Club in Jinja in 1996 and she was about 18 years old then,” he said.

Like the fast people we are, we hurried to our calculators and did some quick maths: 2018-1996=22+18=40 (are you confused? Yeah, we are not sure we got that right too). But whatever your calculator gives you, add another five to that, just because guys often say when a girl tells you her age, you add five because chances are she lied. Lol!

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