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Miss Pearl given very old car

Miss Pearl

Beauty pageants in Uganda must be the toughest projects to embark on. We have seen the top pageant, Miss Uganda on and off, and other pageants that did not stick around for long include Miss Social Media, Miss Kampala, among others.

Then here comes Miss Pearl, which is a new pageant borrowing ideas from Miss Tourism. Just in their second year, the organisers are already receiving criticism. This was after last weekend’s winner of the pageant, Patricia Namirimu, received an old car.

After being announced winner, Namirimu was walked to her prize, and in front of her was a parked black Toyota Raum. Only thing is, if it was not for the ribbon and stickers, it would have passed for one of the revellers’ rides. It was UAT, FCOL!

When questioned on why they did not get a new car, one of the organisers who preferred anonymity said they did not get much funding. “At least we tried. We did not have a sponsor but we managed to pull off the event and even buy a car that we could afford.” Oh well…

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