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I am the new King of Hip hop – Fefe Bussi

Feffe Bussi

Feffe Bussi

Fefe Bussi has come out to say he is the new king and messiah of Hip hop music in Uganda. He got the courage to call himself the king because of the Who is Who trend that he started which forced other local rappers to jump on it in response to his diss.

Singers who have followed Fefe Bussi’s Who is Who challenge included Da Agent, Jim Nola, Racheal MC, Raf X Ssemambo and Babaluku. With all artistes doing the challenge, it was up to the fans to choose who was the best rapper in the challenge whose beats were borrowed from Nas’ 90’s hit Hate Me Now.

Whereas some said Fefe Bussi who originally came out with the song was the best, others chose their favorite artistes.

However, last weekend, while at the Jahlive studios, the self-proclaimed ‘smallest rapper’ came out and said – in the presence of this reporter and other artistes like Fik Fameica (who didn’t do the Who is Who challenge) – that he is the new king of Hip hop and a trendsetter. He set the trend and other rappers followed. The artistes around just ignored him whereas others said they are used to artistes who come and show off yet they have nothing to offer.

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