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Chameleone paid Shs20m to get back on podium

Bryan White Chameleone

When Joseph Mayanja fell out with socialite Bryan White a few months ago, words were exchanged – unkind words from both sides. Matter of fact, we did not expect these to ever see eye to eye again but like the saying goes; ‘Money beat Gonzaga’, Chameleone is back to Bryan White’s Foundation aka podium.

Early this week, the singer was seen in a live video with the money-splashing socialite and the two seemed to be exchanging pleasantries. Chameleone gets back on the podium to join brothers Weasel and Pallaso, DJ Micheal and comedians Alex Muhangi, Madrat and Chiko, among others.

According to a source close to Chameleone, this mending of fences did cost a little bit of dimes; Shs20m to be exact. In the video, Chameleone was seen receiving an identity card belonging to the Bryan White Foundation but it was apparently for another employee. Haha. But as we know Chameleone, we hope he will not be changing colours and fleeing from the podium again…when the money is finished prolly.

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