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Bryan White gifts King Michael with a Mercedes Benz

Bryan White King Micheal

When Bryan White collapsed at the Kabaka’s birthday run King Micheal rushed to his side and fanned him back to consciousness like his life depended on it. The singer was mocked on social media as critics said that he only worked hard to ensure Bryan White’s recovery because the latter is his jackpot on which he depends for his daily bread.

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Musicians have been on and off Bryan White’s podium but King Michael has been the most loyal. He has never left Bryan White’s side ever since he joined his foundation. He has neglected people’s criticism, he has been sent to do everything like a houseboy and has relentlessly defended the socialite whenever confronted.

Bryan White King michael

King Michael has had the last laugh as his loyalty to the podium has finally paid off. The Muko Muko singer has been gifted a Mercedes Benz by Bryan White.

“Thank you Mr CEO of Bryan White foundation, Mr Bryan White ‘Kilimanyi’. I am so humbled. You doing everything that you said you would. Brand new German Built Mercedes Benz ML is something they now gonna have to deal with. I worked you loved my fulfillment and now you doin more than they expected you gonna do,” King Micheal wrote on social media.

He also added that we are going to watch him drive through the streets windows down as the moon light shines all because he works with ‘a generous Boss’.

King Michael already has a super custom car.

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