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How to be the blunt Julius Malema

Julius Malema

Julius Malema

NO MINCING WORDS: Tweeps had a field day or is it week with this one… the #JuliusMalemaChallenge. Boy oh boy Julius Malema was something else as he called out the Apartheid regime in his farewell speech at Winnie Mandela’s funeral.

I n a world so saturated with fake people, we also have the “in your face” blunt characters like South Africa’s firebrand politician Julius Malema who say it as it is. They do not mince words. If you expect sugarcoating of any kind, go to a bakery because the Julius Malemas of this world are not about that life. ‘Shots’ will be fired at any gathering, from weddings to funerals. All their guns and bombs are loaded in a speech to shoot down anyone for their sins. No one is safe, including your Mr Dead Human Being. You might have to step out of the casket to clarify a few things. It is judgement day for the living and dead.

For South African firebrand politician Julius Malema, verbal slander feels like a field day. His big mouth got him kicked out of the ANC and has continuously landed him in ‘dogs’. He remains one of South Africa’s controversial personalities and when he stepped up to give his eulogy at Mama Winnie Mandela’s funeral, it hit hard. He called the ‘dirt’ out like your old uncle in the village would. Malema slammed the hypocrites who had tormented Mama Winnie Mandela while she was still alive and had the audacity to attend her funeral. How about that for a cameo?
If you wanna be like ‘Juju’ himself, your favourite idler will help you.

‘They are all here
The landlord, your exes, bad bosses, your creditors, your jealous workmates and everyone that wished you dead will be at your funeral. Surprise? They will be the ones organis ing a Costa to drive all your haters to see you off. Surprise? Besides your landlord and the chaps who banja you, everyone else will drown in lakes of joy. The tears will be of relief rather than sorrow. Malema was clear about this. ‘They are all here’. The ones that wanted Mama Winnie in jail or tried hard to fail her struggle. So how about you spare the mourners the usual sugar coating and call out all the shameless hypocrites? Those ones who abandoned the family many years ago but are quick to grab front seats at your burial. The ones who appear like there was a roll-call. You have no place there. Security should excuse them out.
To be as blunt as Malema, you need to pass by a ka local pub to get your confidence levels shot up.

‘ Give us that signal’
As enticing as it is to throw out these worms, we need a strong signal from our departed loved ones on how to deal with them. It is only out of respect for the departed that we control ourselves and persevere through the disgust of our tormentors seated before us. Thunder from the speech of doom might just be enough to unsettle these worms, but not quite. Julius Malema taught us that regardless of the beef we might have, we shall wait for that one directive to help us kick out these people.
If you want to be like Julius Malema, accept that it is not in your jurisdiction to conduct mob justice but you shall wait. We shall monitor every tick of the clock to make sure that the thorns that made our lives very difficult regret it. If you have always harboured ill feelings towards your boss, whatever is about to happen to him outside the office premises is in your ancestor’s hands. You shall wait.

Speak up
As an opposition member of parliament, Julius Malema has been able to piss people off with his controversial quotes like “They can lock me up. I do not care. I will go and come back. You cannot silence political debate through scaring tactics. You can arrest me, but you cannot arrest my ideas”. Malema is a Tinkasiimire of sorts, always ready to start up some vuyos. He would fit well in the Uganda political arena and book all-expenses paid trips on police patrols. Such is the tenacity of this man to speak up against everyone.
If you wanna be like Malema, do not be scared to get things off your chest anywhere and anyhow. Just make sure your bail fees are stashed away somewhere.
Well there you have it. The Julius Malema Challenge has been served.

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