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Why are you even afraid of Infinity War (Spoiler alert)

Infinity war

Infinity war has been anticipated since Tony Stark and Chris Evans Captain America broke up the Avengers in Civil War back in 2016

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!

I just made sure the very first words of this article are spoilers, I truly understand what it means to wait for a film for more than a year only for some scrupless dude to kill the feel with spoilers.

For a person that takes his movies serious, I can’t do it to anyone, in fact, even when I have to do it like today, I will give as many warning that you stop reading before you meet a spoiler.

It is actually the reason am putting this on a website and not facebook! Imagine, on facebook, that would be mean right?

You be scrolling through your timeline and bam….someone tells you John Snow dies at the end of the season, imagine how that can disorganise your spirit for watching that Game of Thrones episode…?

That’s why this is not one of such posts, we are Christians you know; we want to warn you, then warn you again…keep you on the bay and eventually, if you stick around, we spoil without thinking twice.

For any Marvel Comics fan, this film has been anticipated since Tony Stark and Chris Evans Captain America broke up the Avengers in Civil War back in 2016, in the comic book order, Infinity War follows the divide and knowing the fact that they would battle Thanos was mouth watering enough.

The film that has been compared to a super hero party where all the super people show up is indeed a climax of what Marvel started in 2008 when they released Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man – with in its sequel Iron Man 2, they managed to forge a universe that brought elements a god, guardians and ridiculous scientists.

For the first films, they kept introducing characters Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkey and Captain America to create the first Avengers, but immediately after assembling them, they started teasing us of Thanos’s coming.

See Thanos was the guy responsible for the events we experienced in New York in the first Avengers and was partly responsible for what we saw in Avengers Age of Ultron – in fact, in a credits scene, he’s shown vowing to come collect the infinity stones if all those he’s sending are failing.

But of course, even the fact that the film is based in the lovely Wakanda with characters like Winston Duke’s M’baku, Letitia Wright’s Shuri, Florence Kasumba’s Ayo and Danai Gurira’s Okoye will be making appearances in this one makes Avengers: Infinity War the real deal.

This way of its structuring, timing, tone and setting make spoilers almost an evil thought, it’s highly anticipated and thus, our reasons for taking you as a reader in circles, we want you to be sure you want the spoilers…

Now we are almost spoiling….

The one thing that Infinity war really achieves is making sure non of the beloved characters is safe, even the god becomes vulnerable, can you imagine he successfully forges a new hammer (read axe) but it fails him at the point he needed it most!

If there’s one thing to respect these Marvel writers, it must be their ability to present continuity even for films they were not really part of, for instance, you could think Thor and Loki simply walked off the Ragnarok set to Infinity War which was interesting in a way……

And of course taking care of all story arcs to continue making sense even when it’s a super star and superheroes collide, each recieves ample time on the screen and adds relevance.

Now these are real spoilers……I guess you stop reading

You may have imagined it in the trailers, Hawkey is not in Infinity War, the bow and arrow warrior whose character is yet to be defined is not in this film.

Remember the last time we saw him, he had been arrested, thanks to the events of Civil War, well he may show up in future but for this particular one, seems he sat it out, and so did Ant Man and Wasp.

Loki, Vision and Gomora die… like you really want me to explain?

Dr. Strange hands Thanos the time stone! He did it to save Tony Stark… I know am also underwhelmed by this act.

Ok, since guys have to actually buy tickets and watch the film, the last spoiler is a fact that Bruce Banner fails to become Hulk for the rest of the film….like he trys and fails and ends up in the war machine armor…

Now go watch the film…

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