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VIDEO REVIEW: Who is Who – Feffe Bussi

Feffe Bussi

A scene from the Who is Who video by Feffe Bussi. COURTESY PHOTO

Once upon a time, hiphop was born, raised and bred on the streets of Kampala. Then it suffered a slow death. Until one man organised a memorial service for hiphop and it seems to have resurrected, or so we assume.

Who is Who is that resurrection video. It drives on the path of self-appraising as Feffe opens up with scenes of an already crowned king walking down the route of an already conquered area.

Feffe Bussi

Feffe Bussi

But the video does not carry the vibe of Who is Who, it is shot on the cheapest of budgets, the lighting fails to balance out on the dark scenes, there is a numbing haze that is pasted on the visuals. Maybe the car used in the video should have bounced a little, to evoke the spirits of the 90s.

Instead, it’s overridden by Feffe’s visual narcissism. At one point he is on top of the car body, then he’s lighting a cigar inside the car, before performing over a white background. If this was a war of videos, it would be off-beat.

Watch the video here and give us your view:


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