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VIDEO REVIEW: I Do – Bebe Cool, Charly & Nina

Here is the plot; Bebe Cool throws a ‘surprise’ engagement party for his wife-to-be. It dabbles on an all-white affair. And yes, Bebe Cool does rock these colours flawlessly with his new gym body. It is not a storyline that is over-executed, Sasha chooses to follow the path of simplicity.

Expect no extras in form of dancers; Bebe Cool and the duo execute their dances. The guests to the engagement party warm up the whole atmosphere with their smiles. It is one of those few videos where the characters are genuinely happy, there is a flawless realness to the whole affair.

This video goes to prove one thing; the best of things always come out of the simple mundane details. It is a video that will relax you yet still get you standing to pull off a few strokes. To love this video is to love the music ethereal.

Watch the video here:

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