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Tomorrow – Brotherz Muzik & Sheebah

Hardly a fortnight has passed, and this video is soaring in over 300k views on Youtube. Do not rush just yet, lest the views fool you. It could be that Queen Karma aka Sheebah has set the bar too high, she is beginning to fail at her own standards.

Otherwise, what else explains my switching off in the middle of her video? Not to say that it is amateurish.

On the contrary, the scene and the lighting have the thumbs-up. Yet, you do feel the video does not bring out its ‘YOLO’ message. It does not push one to live for today without any worry of tomorrow. It is simply another usual day off at the beach, some pineapples, a sleek ride that matches with the queen’s hair colour, and two calm dudes a k a Brothers.

You will not hate the video, but you will not remember it either, for there is not much thought process that goes into its plot. It is not a podium-fit video. —Ian Ortega

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