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There would be no Weasel without Bryan White-Weasel tells Mbarara


On stage: Bryan White, Weasel and Big Eye (Right). PHOTOS BY FELIX AINEBYONA

Weasel, the only surviving member of the good life crew says he would be no where, had it not been for Bryan White.

After his performance at the launch of the Bryan White Foundation at Kakyeka Playground in Mbarara yesterday, Weasel acknowledged Bryan White’s contribution toward his success as a singer.


(L-R) Bryan White, King Micheal, Teacher Mpamiire and Weasel.

“My brother Bryan white has been there for me all through, so there would not have been Weasel, without Bryan White,” Weasel said to the mammoth crowd.

He was then joined by Bryan White and other musicians as the song Lwaki Ondumya was played. Weasel stunned revelers with performances of songs by the Good Lyfe crew.

bryan whiteWeasel also performed Neera, a song by his former singing partner, the late Mowzey Radio and said it was a dedication to him.

Neera is my brother’s song but he unfortunately left us so whoever is there and knows how to sing it, let us sing together. May his soul rest in eternal peace,” Weasel said. But through out his entire performance he kept saying; “awuumule mirembe muganda wanga,” literally meaning “RIP my brother.”

However, when Bryan White finally came on stage to give his remarks before the closure of the show, he could not afford leaving the stage without throwing a jibe at Chagga, Weasel’s manager for trying to separate him from his friend and brother Weasel.

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“Weasel is the biggest pillar of Bryan White foundation. He is a very good man but there are some people who are trying to separate us.” Bryan White said

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