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Bryan White completes Mowzey Radio’s mother’s house

Bryan white

Bryan White (L) and Mowzey Radio’s mother (R)

The family of the late Mowzey Radio might have lost him but at least his projects have not died with him.

His family members are over the moon as the house that Radio was constructing for his mother, Jane Kasubo, is now one hundred percent habitable.

Many were afraid that since her son died, the house – located in Nakuwuka Kaga, along Entebbe – he was constructing for her would never see its completion.

However, the two-floored flat has been quickly completed with help from controvercial city socialite Bryan White through his Bryan White Foundation.

According to footage showed on Spark TV on March 6, the house has been fully painted, with both doors and security lights installed.

Bryan White also offered to construct a house over Mowzey Radio’s final resting place which is still underway.

It is to be noted that the socialite also paid part of Mowzey Radio’s hospital bills before he passed on. Though he has backed his words with many good deeds, Bryan White’s biggest weakness is his insatiable hunger for fame that makes him take cameras everywhere he goes. Though he has not yet publicised the completion of the house we can bet on it that he will be unveiling it to the media soon as one of his projects. Nevertheless, thank you Bryan White. At least we are benefiting from your arrogance.

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