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Weasel fires Chagga over Sqoop interview

L-R: Bryan White, Weasel and Chagga

The latest news coming out of the Good Lyfe camp is that Weasel has fired his manager Chagga real name Geoffrey Kyagambidwa, after the latter gave a tell-all interview to Sqoop last Friday, March 9.

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Chagga, who was angry at the fact that Weasel was spending all his time following socialite Bryan White instead of producing music, started a battle which he unfortunately lost.

A visibly angry Weasel, in an interview held on March 13, fired his manager over what he called mismanagement.

“I am a big man. You guys think i am stupid because i am a reserved person but i am very wise,” Weasel said before revealing that Chagga was forcing him to work even when he was still mourning the death of his ten-year music partner, Mowzey Radio who passed away on February 1.

“You cant even give me time to grieve. Radio had just died but you were telling me to go to Busia. You want me to sing when am not yet fully recovered!”

Although Chagga had shown his disapproval of Weasel’s friend Bryan White, Weasel went ahead to escort him to Mbarara for the launch of the Bryan White Foundation on Saturday.

In the interview, Weasel told Chagga to apologise for the comments he made in the Sqoop interview.

“You need to apologize to me and my family. You don’t make me work by force. Do not make me work , i am stressed and as per now, YOU ARE FIRED!” Weasel barked.


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