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Four One One

Ruyonga roasted over equating Prophet Mbonye to Jesus

No one messes with Jesus’ children and walks away unscathed, not even if you are the coolest gospel rapper around town. That is a lesson that Ruyonga has come to learn albeit too late.

The rapper who said that prophet Elvis Mbonye and Jesus Christ are the same has been the recipient of backlash that he had never received in his career with fans threatening to delete all his songs from their music devices. Cheeiiii!

READ: Prophet Mbonye and Jesus are the same – gospel rapper Ruyonga

To say that his fans were disappointed would be an understatement. His usually loyal followers pulled out daggers, machetes, guns and roasted him on a hot grill.

Here we capture for you some of that fire. (Not Holy Ghost fire of course)

Samuel Ouga Ekemu: Eish! Now you are not different from Minister Nankabirwa who sees Museveni as a god. If this is mindset behind the creative songs, I am now thinking of deleting all your songs from my gadgets. Pitch Dark blindness is when you can’t see a difference between a mortal human dude with Jesus. Not even the earliest apostles behaved like this. My brother stop worshiping Mbonye and take time read

Justus Still Above: This is shame I just can believe that worshiping money… Is a reality in Uganda… This man Simanyi Mbonye where is his church administration any way. Others could not believe thtis was the sam eRuyonga thy have always looked up the bible deeply.

Esie Nyanjura: Your vision is very screwed man!! Not even John the Babtist (Whom Jesus said is the greatest prophet ever) never allowed himself to be compared to Jesus. Simon Peter the disciple, refused to be crucified on an upward cross just so he’s not in anyway compared to Christ….the list is endless. Why are people allowing themselves to be so deceived????

Sarah Ariko: For sure yo so called prophet mbonye is leading you to the wrong side of life,Jesus christ is more supreme than the flesh of yo prophet theres no one like him and you can never compare him to anyone of this world so u better turn back and repent this is blasphemy.

Janette Kwesiga: hmmmm mm looolll leaves us alone… Isn’t this crossing the line? I hear no difference… Jesus is Lord and that is it. Stop this foolishness please.

Agwau Otim: Praying for you Ruu

Josh Jonnes: Gwe Sebo Zukuka Wake up #Engalabi

Ebidu Bonny: In other words you will now be singing for The prophet…not Jesus….okay please!!. mpozi when is your concert again??!!

Samuel Ouga Ekemu: Is this how blind we have become!! I am deleting any song that has this influence.

Andrew Atiku Tamale: Did you just compare a mere mortal with the Son of God?

Alyon Martin Louis: Has Tuyonga’s Fb account been hacked?? I didn’t expect this from him

Bruce Lee: Ruyonga u are an educated X-tian and a role model to many Think different!! There is no word to describe this act!!

Taremwa Patrick: Did Ruyonga post this or his account has been hacked into? Don’t compromise your faith brother.

Francis Jaloch: Blinded by the false prophet’s spirits!!!, the Jesus we serve is God Almighty!, He stands alone in his Majesty, no man can compare to one can come close in comparison with Him. A true servant of God like John the Baptist would humble himself and admit he’s not worthy to unstrap His shoelaces..

Martha Kay: Banange this is just soo saddddd! The real Jesus needs to help us

Onyang Gloria Gapito: This is serious blasphemy, are Ugandans possessed? Some compare the president to Jesus n others these so called upcoming prophets of doom…God have mercy

Wece Calvin Onyang: I pity you ruyonga. I think you are the type who can go and polish mbonye’s shoes

But let us look at the bright side. Ruyonga is actually trending, something that had never happened since he got onto the music scene.

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