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Rema asks Kenzo for marriage



When asked in a recent interview where her relationship with baby daddy Eddy Kenzo stands, Rema Namakula said: “We are there”. What ‘there’ means, we have no idea but we guess it sounds like ‘complicated’ in normal English.
Well, the singer put all breakup rumours aside and made known what her goals her. After complaining to her fans at Kampala Serena Hotel during her concert at the weekend that Kenzo is always on the move, Rema had a little more to ask for. “He spends a week in Nigeria, Congo and Mozambique among other places and after returning for a day or two, you will hear him say he is flying to France,” she said.
Rema then added that she will only take Kenzo serious after he puts a ring on it. “To all the women out there, we are campaigning for #make it official. This business of let’s wait is no longer applicable,” the Tikula singer said, causing an uproar from the crowd. In an interview sometime last year, Kenzo said he was not about to get married anytime soon.

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