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New crop of rappers battle it out in ‘Who is Who’ challenge

Who is Who

When you mention Ugandan Hip Hop, the first names that come to mind are Babaluku, Navio and Lyrical G and maybe GNL Zamba who went abroad for greener pastures. This is because of the dominance they had when Hip Hop was among the biggest genres in the Ugandan music industry.

However, the style went silent when those big artistes settled. The dominance of afro beat and dancehall also pushed some hip hop artistes out of the market.

After years of getting a few Hip Hop songs which also don’t last two months on music countdowns, musician Fefe Bussi decided to take gamble and take on the responsibility of reigniting the music style in Uganda.

He went to studio, got American rapper Nas’ instrumental of Hate me now and came up with a track titled Who is who where he dissed other Hip Hop artistes. He followed up the audio with a fantastic video that is already the talk of Ugandan social media. A day after the song hit radio stations and the internet, other artistes, some unknown also hit studio and fired back. Among those is Da Agent, Raf X Semagambo and Mc Abedunego among others.

Credit to these artistes, they all fitted in well on the track and for the whole of this week, they have been receiving a lot of credit from music critics, music lovers and credible stakeholders in the industry.

The rappers have thrown punchlines against each other showing that GNL Zamba is yet to get a worthy successor.

Some people even went ahead and demanded their favorite rappers and lugaflow artistes to come and challenge those artistes thought none has so far stood up to the challenge.

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