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Kayihura-fired memes take over the internet

On a cold rainy Sunday evening President Yoweri Museveni pulled a trump move and announced that he had fired the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen Kale Kayihura and  Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde on Twitter. His tweet was backed by another from his media adviser, Don Wanyama.


Museveni’s tweet. COURTESY PHOTOS

Immediately the social media and key board troupes were aligned to shoot mockery at the booted Kayihura. Here we deliver to you the best memes and reactions to Kayihura’s sacking.
Perhaps the first we can bring to the table is that quick edit to Kale Kayihura’s Wikipedia page and how soon it was spotted.
No sooner had Museveni made the announcement than this screenshot of the Wikipedia change reflecting the changes to Kayihura’s page. How fast are these people!

“He was the Inspector General of Police (IGP) the Uganda Police Force.,” it read.

An old issue of Daily Monitor also suffered when it was dumped in the trash can since its headline, Gen Kayihura IGP contract renewed, was no longer relevant.

A key board warrior expecting more ethnic changes in Police and Government came up with this future tense prediction.

Meanwhile Kayihura’s replacement, Mr Okoth Ochola, has also taken center stage amidst all the drama. Reason being, his uhhm nose.



A Kale Kayihura parody account was immediately made which tweeted@KagutaMuseveni Kyonkoze Mukama akusasire (loosely translated to mean, Kaguta Museveni, may God have mercy on you for what you have done to me).

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