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How A Pass and Geosteady buried hatchet

At the beginning of this year, there was too much beef going around. One of those cases was A Pass and Geosteady, who used mostly memes to hit at each other.

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But it looks like that is all water under the bridge because a few days ago a video was released online. In this video, the two were sharing a meal while singing each other’s songs. “Food is better with Geosteady. We don’t have beef, we have chicken,” A Pass captioned the video.

The beef between the two artistes started when Geosteady said he wanted a stage battle with A Pass and Kenzo at the same time. A Pass, however, later came out to say the ‘beef’ was only stage-managed to push their new songs. Well, in this industry you can never be too sure until there is a beef-squashing party.

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