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Diapora babes conquer #FinePeopleFromUganda challenge


One of the most retweeted posts in #FinePeopleFromUganda

It was all fun and games as a couple of Ugandans girls begun trending the hashtag #FinePeopleFromUganda accompanied with pictures of themselves that they thought looked good. The girls pulled out all their best pictures, albeit with lots of filters and duck beaks.

However when the Ugandan girls that are currently living out of Uganda begun posting theirs, it was obvious their colleagues back home had been dethroned.

The girls were soon mocked by tweeps and as usual followed by hilarious memes.

Geno Eric tweeted, “#FinePeopleFromUganda this hash tag has made our babes in Kampala believe that beauty in the heart exists. Outward beauty is only for the basummer,”

Ubuntu: These people on #FinePeopleFromUganda must be from Uganda A not this Uganda of ours…

Jeremiah: It’s like all the fine Ugandans stay abroad. What this Kampala kasana does to us, we can’t even compete

Sterln Mugumya: If you’re the half Rwandese type please wait for fine people from the boarder

Shaddy Boo Fan Account: #finepeoplefromuganda girls must be the Uganda where Besigye is president. Museveni’s Uganda, you will have your hashtag on Facebook on 1st April.

Doryneak: Either I’m living in a different Uganda or this hashtag is hacked… FINE people

@enywaru: After seeing those fresh babies on the #finepeoplefromuganda hashtag, I think I’m living in a different Uganda. I have never seen none of these people on le streets walayi.

@DianKwase: Going thru #FinePeopleFromUganda, and I could swear I’ve never seen the handles of all the fine ladies repping.

@ShadiaHamim: The only #FinePeopleFromUganda are like 3 and are all from abroad. Am logging out.

@Karungi: Which Uganda is this please?? These people look too good to be from this cowntry of ours #FinePeoplefromUganda

@phionapaige: As if all the #FinePeopleFromUganda live abroad. Submit if you must!

Lord Llorente: Fine ladies in the diaspora killing it on Twitter while MUBS slay Queens are yet to graduate from Facebook #FinePeopleFromUganda

@daniel_RNSD: Some people were still adding filters to their pictures only to see a stream of unedited pictures flying onto the #FinePeopleFromUganda hashtag. Just accept you weren’t ready for finer people than you and pocket your

@nasawali_phame: #FinePeopleFromUganda How about y’all attach copies of your National IDs & Birth Certificate for authenticity?

@LubangangeyoJ: #FinePeopleFromUganda  your not that ugly ,your not just a musummer yet

Meanwhile, a number of men were also posting pictures but these were immediately told off as no one was interested in their pictures.

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