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How to be Gen. Elly Tumwine


MR REVOLUTION: A couple of memes and disses have gone around since Gen. Elly Tumwine was appointed Security Minister. But it probably came as no surprise to many too because this guy has been around in this government. Matter of fact he is like the face of the NRA revolution.

Elly Tumwine’s story is unique. The soldier famously shot the first bullet that launched NRA’s struggle to gain power. Previously, he had plied his trade as a Fine Art teacher before dramatically swapping the paint brush for the gun. Legendary stuff! Taking a war from an art paper to the bush is not your typical Fine Art teacher’s cup of tea. Your ordinary Fine Art teacher is grumpy and irritable, wears spent clothes and is in dire need of a bath. And oh yes, they love those faded khakis, oversized brown boots and spot hair akin to a struggling dancehall artiste. They are a creative mess to say the least. General Tumwiine has always been different and done things his way.
The General chose to pursue the struggle over his passion and is one of the reasons the NRM government is in power. He even lost one of his eyes in the war. So for you guys who want Sevo and his buddies out, where were you? Tumwiine has worn many hats since helping the NRA into power like the Army Commander role in 1987, a Member of Parliament since God knows when and now the Minister of Security.
However, his love for the arts industry has always been an open secret. Tumwine chooses to consistently wear his personally designed African kitenge shirts which have synonymously become part of his brand. Fear not that your curtains made it to a public event. It is just Tumwine at his fashionable best. The General has been stubborn about his fashion choices for decades and no Abryanz or other fashion designers’ clothes will suit his taste. Tumwine is also a performing artiste who composed most of the revolutionary songs and gave us the Ankole traditional folklore hit Ainunu. Though not active, it would be great to have the General remix Fik Fameika’s Kutama or give the Sheebahs and the Bebe Cools of this world a run for their money. Well, if you wanna be like General Tumwine, your favourite idler gotchu.

Pursue your passion
Many of us are scared to pursue our passions because we are scared of some irrelevant opinions from our friends and family. Do we need such people in our lives? Elly Tumwiine has shown us that you can pursue your passions regardless of the age and standing in society. If life swayed you into the corporate world, it is not too late to hit studio and belt out those vocals. Maybe it might be more satisfying to have thousands of fans shouting “Rasta Max” in adoration than your boss screaming, “Okello, I need you in my office” from time to time.
Do not let the status quo ruin your talents. Pick a paint brush or a microphone if you want to as long as it makes you happy. If you have a burning desire to be a footballer at 30 or so, Sunday football is there for you. Go pull a hamstring or run your beer bellies empty with some football skills. I am not too sure professional clubs would sign anyone way into their 30s or has a drinking problem. It is never too late to feel great though. Simply fix your attitude and follow your heart.

Love your culture
Gen Elly Tumwiine’s love for culture and arts is evident in his fashion choices, especially his music. I keep forgetting he is a musician, a different one for that matter. He actually has a number of songs and videos where he celebrates his culture and love for Uganda. Only time Ugandans are patriotic is when they are gulping a Uganda Waragi or supporting the Uganda Cranes. Gen Tumwine wears local fabric while many of us dress foreign and act local. Too many ironies. It is important to celebrate where you are from because there is no place like home. Rep your hood with pride through your fashion choices, your language, swag and everything. You children might fight to look like US rap group Migos yet in reality, you look Like B2C on a Carbohydrate diet. Be you. Speak your local ‘langrage’ loudly to the irritation of your neighbours. Let your crush hear you bargain for jeans in your local language. That is love for your culture right there.
To be like Tumwine, make sure you wear clothes made in the homeland and ditch anything foreign.So many talented fashion designers, so support them.

Always be available
Gen. Tumwine has been around forever. A loyal cadre of the NRM and President Museveni, it is hard to mention the party without his name. Tumwine and friends represent everything right and wrong about the party since they are the ones who founded it and somehow stuck around throughout. We all have that one friend who is always around for reasons you can’t explain. They don’t make life fundamentally better but you like to have them because well,they are always available.They won’t turn down an invite or threaten your place.They are as predictable as night and day.Tumwine is that friend.Their life is a an example of a survival mechanism.Don’t make noise for as long as no one gets harmed.It’s in everyone’s interests.Keep your batteries tamed.Be like Tumwine.

Twitter: @InK_era35

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