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Video review: Champion – Chameleone

Chameleone Champion

A scene from the video.

The city is burning, cars and buildings are all up in flame. Yet, out of these ashes, and flames, rises one man — that man is a Champion. He has conquered everything, he has gone through the fires and he is out stronger.

Although he has rarely paid attention to music videos, this time Chameleone chooses to scale the heights of technological effects as he thinks out of the box. It is a cheer-worthy move.

Although for most of the scenes, these visual effects are perfectly scripted into the video, some scenes come off annoyingly amateurish.

There is one in particular where a miniature version of a Lamborghini goes off in flames. We progress into the casino location where the Champion has bundles of cash escorting him. There are brief moments of the video trying to be futuristic, with flying saucers. All in all, you have a video that dares to be different and sets the pace for effects.

Watch the video here:


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