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Audio review: Toyitaba – Weasel



Tokyayitaba Radio! It is so sad, yet Weasel is asking so bad. He is curious in this typically farewell song to his fallen counterpart Mowzey Radio.
It is a concise piece, emotionally captivating with lyrics clearly stemmed from the heart, and no lyrics honestly can be done right now, by an artiste as tribute to Radio, and surpass Weasel’s even if he were just whistling.
Toyitaba sits on hard Rnb tunes with a background of spontaneous base, to bring out Weasel’s hardcore self, but at the same time not overwhelming the soft attachment it is intended.

Weasel raises a voice clearly dressed in puzzle, and disbelief to his colleague, stating that indeed as he hardly listens, he is not doing any favours of listening anymore now. If he hardly responds when called out, he is now just a unique case this time round. On the edge, he assures his ‘haters’ and ‘doubters’, that he will disprove them by going stronger than ever, border to border, and sums it up by wishing Radio a peaceful rest, also asking him to extend a hello to AK47. Wow! The last line: “Ka Radio kange, ka bubu kange, akalobozi kange, ka baby kange”, will send chills down your spine.

The song was produced by Eno Beats.

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