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Bryan White dumps Weasel

Bryan white

Bryan White (L) and Mowzey Radio’s mother (R) PHOTOS BY MICHEAL KAKUMIRIZI

Among the people that stood by Weasel following the death of his partner Radio, was socialite Bryan White who had promised to work with Weasel until 2023 under his Bryan White Foundation.

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There was hope afterall for Weasel, until three days later when the socialite was overheard saying he will not work with the singer anymore.



Reason? Lack of respect. On Wednesday last week, Bryan White visited Mowzey Radio’s grave to pay his last respects, a thing he had planned with the Goodlyfe team. However, while in Kagga, Weasel was a no show but rather stayed at his Neverland residence. This did not go well with Bryan White who decided to change his mind about the deal they signed with Weasel. He also wrote off the other artistes he had signed to support his foundation.

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