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Brian White promises to help Weasel until 2023

Weasel has already been written off by a huge number of people who think Mowzey Radio was everything in Goodlyfe. However, socialite Brian White believes that Weasel can step up and prove that his career can move on without his deceased singing partner.

It is on this basis that the socialite has decided to enrol his Brian White Foundation, where he will be paying him the same amount of money he would have paid to the duo.

“Much as Radio is gone, Weasel is still with us. I have decided to bring him on board at my foundation,” he said. “I’m going to be paying him the same way I would have done if Radio was still here.”

He added that part of the money would be paid to Radio’s mother.

Brian White was a dressing a press conference at KK beach a few days ago. His foundation runs until 2023 because he believes he would have traversed the whole country inspiring the youth to work hard.

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