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How to be our Hollywood homeboy Daniel Kaluuya


Wikipedia has no shame surely.It classifies Daniel Kaluuya as an English actor. It outrightly cut out generations of Ugandan heritage simply because someone was born and raised in England. How? All that acting genius is only part of his conc Busoga ancestry, no additives whatsoever. He is part of us, in flesh and blood.
In another world, he could be a certain Waiswa plying his trade on the streets of Kawempe as an expert rolex chef. He is very much Ugandan and we shall ‘tie on him’ like a hangsman’s noose.

But this is typical Ugandan mentality because we cling onto every person whose success we had no active role in contributing. If you make it, we sing your praises on social media and trace every dying root in the family tree. We are your father’s cousin’s nephews something-something for as long as you write a memorable success story.

For Kaluuya, it is London that he calls home. It is the place that gave him his acting debut and honed his talent. It is also the place his Ugandan parents raised him so you Ugandan hangers-on can take several seats and wave from afar. Kaluuya’s acting career has skyrocketed in the past year after the success of the horror-comedy movie, Get Out and he is currently riding on the Marvel superhero blockbuster, Black Panther.
It is hard not to appreciate his talent which has earned him a coveted Oscar nomination and a BAFTA Rising Star award. He is the man of the moment. If you wanna be like Danny, your ‘kalomate’, look no further.

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Trust The Process
Kaluuya has been going about his trade for over a decade, starring in several screenplays and series such as Skins and Black Mirror. In fact, he wrote his first play way in his teens. He is not an overnight sensation like several news outlets are making out him to be. Kaluuya followed his love for acting in a country appreciative of creative arts.
Another Kaluuya in Kamuli would suffer the wrath of his parents for even daring to dream.The strokes of the cane would rain heavily on his rear, and he would be called mad. That is the Uganda we live in. His long distant relatives could be stuffed somewhere in the pockets of Busoga negotiating their health away from jiggers but our paths are different.

Kaluuya has it good. He has written his story and is still writing it. You too, can live your dream. Your face might be lotioned in dust as you walk around convincing people to listen to you but fear not. Those peeps telling you ‘we shall call you back soon” will deplete all their bundles begging for your services. Hang in there when the circle of friends is getting smaller and your lovers are constantly running away because things ain’t good at the moment. It is all part of the journey. It is a process.Hone your talent. Wear the ka shoe that erodes the tiles when you walk into offices. It is leading you closer to your dreams. Do not fret.

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Hates social media
Daniel Kaluuya is not your typical social media junkie that Hollywood stars are known for. The guy is not active on any social media platform, which is mind-boggling in this day and age. Like is this even real? Wakanda person has no social media account? A lot of our time is pointlessly spent on social media laughing our hearts out to memes, videos, scandals, name it. It is where we get to lie to the world we look better than we actually do. It is the capital city of all nonsense, cry babies, attention seekers, opinionated airheads. Everyone is somehow linked by social media, and you are sure to find everyone you know there but Kaluuya. It is just not his thing.

If you wanna be like Dano, take a break off social media though we cannot guarantee if you will be remembered. Ugandans suffer from acute memory loss, although Kaluuya remains relevant for obvious reasons. Going ghost on social media could be good for your sanity but also risk the only “you look beautiful” comments you might ever hear in your life-time. Social media might be the only place we get the ‘love’ we crave. Delete your accounts and try other hobbies such as cat-sitting or other stuff.

Remember where you are from
This guy is as cool as beans, if there was ever such a thing. The guy wore a kanzu to the Black Panther premiere, which nearly brought Ugandans to raptures. As much as it it is easy to get lost in the Holywood glitz and glamour, it is refreshing to see that he has not completely forgotten his roots. His Londoner accent being the only give-away.

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Let’s cut Kaluuya some slack, dude was born in London. You guys travel to Dubai for a month and on your return, you want to walk on our heads, speak in an American accent and act like jet-lag is one of the six killer diseases.

To be like Dano, know your roots and flaunt them. It does not matter if you are innovating some cool stuff or finessing the world, it might just be nice of you to send shout outs to your drunko uncle in Bugwere.
So hope I helped. Go be like Dano.

Twitter: @InK_era35

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