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VIDEO REVIEW: Kyuma – Spice Diana ft Radio and Weasel

Spice diana

A scene from the video.

The week that was, the video that is Kyuma. One thing that immediately strikes you are the crystal clear visuals, the lightning and the colour are just on point. It instantly scores a straight 32 points in rating. And then you get started with the storyline.

There is a special bond that Spice Diana strikes with Radio (RIP) and Weasel. It is one that smoothly flows through the acts. Set in a hospital, the video features Weasel as a patient while Spice Diana takes on nurse.

The twist to the storyline is that the nurse is alone on her night duty, yet she is demanded by another patient, Radio. She rushes off to save Radio who seems to need her dose more, leaving Weasel yearning for the lost attention.

The hospital ward scene is broken by two other scenes, a darkened background, and later on, one where the fully recovered patients enjoy a delicious fruity breakfast served by Chef Spice.

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