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Four One One

Stella Nyanzi and sister in nasty family quarrel

Stella Nyanzi

Dr Stella Nyanzi has had an unbeaten run in attacking different people online but on Thursday (today) she got a taste of her own medicine when her own sister, Sheila Nyanzi hurled grenades at her on a social media post.

The troublesome post was about how the now warring siblings’ parents used to fight in their children’s presence. Nyanzi who said she was reminded about the domestic violence she witnessed as a child after watching drummers play the engalabi, a traditional Buganda drum, wondered how a husband who inflicts pain upon his spouse can also be very sweet to outsiders.

“My parents’ violence made me a fighter. I am a fighter because throughout my life I watched my mother fighting back against the aggressor in her husband, my father. I am a fighter because I know what it means to sit back and do nothing against violent aggressors. I am a fighter because I know that even when the violated walk away, their violent aggressors return again and again to beat them up. I am a fighter because I know that one day my mother used her sharp incisors to inflict a lesson upon my father’s slapping arm. She bit him so hard that she wounded and scarred his arm forever,” Nyanzi wrote.

Stella Nyanzi

Before the war, Sheila Nyanzi (in white) and Stella Nyanzi with the latter’s children. COURTESY PHOTO

This however did not go down well with Nyanzi’s younger sister, Sheilah Nyanzi who immediately told her to stop making up stories about their dead parents just to get cheap popularity.

“Stop using our dead parents who can’t defend themselves in their silence to spice your writings. Why didn’t you write these in their lives (when they were alive) so that they could speak up for themselves? This is 2018 and we are ready to defend the honor of our parents against your viciousness. We will fight for their honor by speaking truth back to you. RIP Mum & Dad,” Sheila wrote.

Never one to back down, Stella fired back, “Shall I write the truth, Sheilah Nyanzi, about the nights we spent hiding under the bed with you and our other two sisters as our father brutalized our mother with blows, slaps and insults?”

The younger Nyanzi sister was having none of Stella’s truths. She called Nyanzi a liar who lives inside her head.

Sheila Nyanzi

“You have long suppressed truth with concealment of full facts. You distort narratives with half truths about other people. You need to tell the truth in its entirety, otherwise you trade in lies. You cannot pretend to speak if you are living a lie yourself,” Sheila wrote.

More dirty laundry was exposed when Nyanzi revealed that her mother even miscarried a pregnancy after receiving beating from her husband.

“Shall I write the truth about how Daddy beat Mummy when she was pregnant with Saatuka? Shall I write the truth about his violence to his pregnant wife leading her to miscarry and lose the child?”

The bitter exchange has divided the controversial professor followers into two camps; Team Sheila and Team Stella while others questioned if the two are actually sisters.

Stella later proved that she can hit below the belt when it comes to sibling fights when  she revealed that Sheila might not have been her father’s daughter.

Below is the full post:

“Go and tell your mother to show you your true father,” my father screamed at my sister who is also my mother’s last borne child.

As I witnessed my father humiliating my baby-sister, I realised that men can become ugly vile animals when they hate a woman who has borne them children. My heart tore as I watched my sister breaking down in bitter tears. My heart tore even much more when I witnessed my mother’s emotion-filled attempts at comforting my bitterly weeping sister.

“Mummy, why does Daddy say that he is not my Daddy?” She bitterly asked between sobs.

“He is your father. Stop crying Sheilah,” my mother said over and over again.

As children growing up in a violent home, it was very painful to watch my father and mother using us the children as weapons in their fights. I have always wondered why my father would tell his own daughter to ask his wife such questions. I have also grown up wondering if my siblings ever recovered from the traumatic effects of the barbs from my father’s mouth. How twisted does a child get when her own father denies her? How does this child ocercome the pain of such trauma?

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