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Four One One

A Pass is just a bedroom artiste – Geosteady


As Bebe Cool and Kenzo’s battle takes a back seat, it’s now Geosteady and A Pass in the driving seat. The two musicians have been at each other’s throats for two days now.

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Their beef started when Geosteady announced that he wants a battle with A Pass and Eddy Kenzo at cricket Oval sometime this year.

In defense, A Pass told him that he should aim his battles to artistes like Barbie Jay because they are his type. This was before he called him a small fat little man. “Geosteady Blackman you can’t ask to battle me, I can’t battle with a small fat little man. You are not on my level go and battle with Barbie Jay not me nze ngyakutagula tagula (I will tear you apart) little man. The people you need to battle are those who can’t read and write plus those who don’t know English, not me. By the way little Geo, who tricked you into thinking onsobola….. wedeko mukwano (you can’t handle me) I am warning you viola aka Geosteady Short man.” He said.

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The Viola artiste couldn’t just keep quiet about this. Earlier today, he said that A Pass is just a bedroom artiste.

“A Pass is right. I’m a local musician but my music reaches even to the down-town person but he just releases music for only his household. The last I heard is that he has an album and perhaps he just wants to promote that album because he released it two years ago but no one knows about it,” Geosteady said.

A picture A Pass posted on social media recently. Geosteady has labelled him a bedroom artiste. COURTESY PHOTOS

In an earlier post, Geosteady had accused A Pass of never showing up to performances. “I have helped you a lot entertaining your fans nga togya kuyimba (when you do not show up to perform) but am gonna stop. I have helped you enough.”

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He concluded by telling A Pass to stage an online concert because he can’t handle real musical concerts. “Since you know posting and tweeting drop your concert online hahaha Bambi”


Meanwhile A Pass has been making threats since the beginning of this year that he will be dropping a new album called African Yayo that will silence all his critics and enemies like Bebe Cool and Geosteady.

We, at Sqoop, are anxiously waiting for this album because just like Geosteady, we are tired of only seeing him singing in his bedroom during Facebook live videos.


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