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Meet the Boda boda rider who landed a deal for resembling Diamond Platinumz

Diamond Platinums

A photo montage showing Patrick (L) and Diamond Platinums (R). They could have been separated at birth.

At some point, boda boda riders wanted to throw blows claiming that Usher was the one who featured in the ‘God’s must be crazy’ films because of his resemblance to the real actor N?xau ?Toma yet they are not related in any way.

Then there is an Iranian student who would be mistaken for Messi because of his same looks, same height and same weight with the Argentinian football star.

The same story has happened in Kenya where a boda boda rider has earned himself a deal with Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi who decided to feature him in his next projects for resembling Tanzanian music star Diamond Platinumz.

Patrick, a boda rider who hails from Mtwapa, Mombasa County never knew that his resemblance to the Number one artiste would  make him richer until recently.

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Patrick is a splitting image of the Tanzanian sweetheart and we can only imagine how girls have jumped onto his boda boda thinking they are getting a ride from Diamond Platinums.

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