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Four One One

More shocking details on SK Mbuga, wife fraud case emerge

They caught the Ugandan social scene by storm and all the ‘tycoons’ bowed. Who can forget how self-styled tycoon SK Mbuga and his wife Angella Vivienne Chebet splashed money on expensive luxury sports cars? The power couple’s extravagant wedding provided fodder for several media outlets for weeks.

Unfortunately the couple’s might have run out yesterday when Expressen, a Swedish newspaper published a story pinning Vivian Chebet for luring a Swedish politician, Sten Heinsoo into false promises of love and gold which resulted into the fraudulent transfer of 53million kronor (Shs 23 billion) to Uganda.

SK Mbuga

SK Mbuga and his wife Vivienne Chebet on their wedding day. COURTESY PHOSO

According to the publication, close to a year ago, former head of state and county politician Sten Heinsoo, 71, was suspected of gross fraud after disappearing with between 45 and 48 million Krona from the Rank family, owners of a real estate giant Einar Mattsson.

When confronted by the custodians Heinsoo confessed that the money had disappeared abroad when he tried to help a female friend to transport gold from Uganda to Sweden. Preliminary investigations have led the Swedish police to our very own power couple of Sulaiman “SK” Mbuga, 34, and his wife Angella Vivienne Chebet, 33.

Last week, Sten Heinsoo was charged with gross negligence against the principals of trust. Even Chebet – who is a Swedish citizen for a few years – was charged by the Stockholm District Court for several cases of gross fraud against Heinsoo in absentia. “SK” Mbuga has also been dragged into this verdict for probable same reasons suspected of the same crime.

Two weeks after Sten Heinsoo made the last transfer to the fraud, in November 2016, an extravagant wedding was organized between “SK” Mbuga and Chebet in Kampala.

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Vivienne Chebet immigrated to Sweden from Uganda in 2011 and has been living in the Stockholm area since then. In the first hearing, Sten Heinsoo told us that the two met in the church where they both fellowshiped when Viviane worked as a personal assistant to another person she had brought for prayers. They eventually fell for each other and began a relationship.

The fraud that the couple is suspected of commenced in 2015.

In interrogation, Heinsoo told police that Chebet told him her wealthy father in Uganda had died and left behind a large gold mine which was both difficult and costly to transport to Sweden. Heinsoo offered to help financially to facilitate the transfer of gold to Sweden and be refunded after selling. He unlawfully used his trustees money with the view that he will pay back after the sales.

SK Mbuga shows off some of his cars. COURTESY PHOTOS

Immediately after the first transfer of money, Chebet traveled to Uganda on the pretext that she would arrange for logistics in place.

SK Mbuga has for a long time been elusive about his source of wealth but was very eager to splash money. In 2014 it was  reported that he trades young girls for sex.

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Today SK Mbuga and Chebet’s whereabouts are unknown as they have both reportedly fled from the country and turned off their phones.


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