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Copy and paste will hurt Ugandan music industry-Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Chris Evans has warned Ugandan musicians against copying people’s songs. FILE PHOTO

As other artistes are busy arguing over lists, one particular musician has been studying the Ugandan music industry and has come out to give his verdict.

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Chris Evans, famed for songs such as Mulungi, Rihanna, Ndikuwaki and Nebelera eno has said that the Ugandan music industry in the next 10 years will be meaningless.

He argues that there is a lot of copying and pasting not only from musicians but producers as well.

Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica is not ashamed of copying international artistes’ songs. COURTESY PHOTO

“The Uganda music industry after a decade will be meaningless. People will not be minding about Ugandan artistes coz the international artists will have taken over. Most artists are doing a lot of copy and paste while producers are using the same pages and samples for different songs. Now most new kids on the block are surviving on copied beats from the international market. Songs no longer last long coz they are not new in the fans’ ears. Well in d short run we are benefiting but later we shall be forgotten.” He said.

This comes just days after new comer Fik Fameica trashed his critics who called him out over copying other people’s songs.

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The unapologetic Fameica defended himself saying as long as he makes those songs better and his fans dance to them, copying is fine.

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