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Comedy store and Dinners comedy find new home

Comedy store
Come next Thursday, the 400 will no longer be the venue for the weekly comedy store as a new venue has been identified. The same is also happening at Dinners where its comedy has also been stopped.

It came to our attention that Bukoto is no longer suitable for outdoor events as it’s a residential area where people need their peace and it’s mainly for these complaints that managements of both places have decided to look for other alternatives.

Comedy store, hosted by Alex Muhangi will now be held at the UMA main hall every Thursday while comedy that has been held at Dinners and hosted by Ronnie Macvex is going to be held at Cayenne lounge.

According to a press release we came across from comedy store, the circumstances that forced them to shift were beyond their making. “Central to these circumstances were the continued disruptions by city authorities over what they called noise pollution to residents in the neighborhood” the statement read in part.

Muhangi has decided to start up at a new venue with a bang. He’s bringing in Nameless from Kenya as the main artiste while comedians like Madrat and Chiko, Kapale, Dolibondo, Mariachi, Kerekere, Jaja Nantume and Snake and Zoro among others will be craking people’s ribs.

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