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Four One One

Betting on these five to rule airwaves

PREDICTIONS: Uganda’s music industry has become harder and more complex to predict each passing day. Despite all this, there are still those musical gems that one knows are going to rock in a given year. They have those seeds of greatness, some already sprouting, others about to unleash all that they have kept hidden. 2018 will have its music artistes and these will definitely feature among those five artistes of 2018. Ian Ortega writes.

1.Fik Fameica
Nothing propels a music artiste more than the idea of ending a year with a hit song. And that has been the case for Fik Fameica. He released Kutama towards the end of the year and it had all the glory to open up 2018. That is already a perfect pace for a man who we predict will be among those who will rule 2018. Worth mentioning is the fact that he has cut out a unique brand, he is not lost in the maze of trying to be another music artiste. He is simply Fik Fameica, from the dances to the singing style and the voice. Even in a collabo, you will quickly notice Fameica’s verse.


The only undoing to Fameica will be a lack of timing. He could succumb to the pressure of looking for a follow-up song to Byenyenya and Kutama. The worse alternative is that he could wait for too long before catching up with another banger. Both options could play against him. He must have the intuition for the right timing. If ever there was a chance to have a Ugandan Wizkid, Fameica has the grand platform, and the ball is in his court.

2. Vinka
Should Sheebah risk and take a break, Vinka will be the girl that will steal her throne. 2017 was the year for her to test the grounds, whether the industry was ready to accept her. The fans did welcome her contribution in Overdose and she did stand on her own feet in Malaika. 2018 is everything for her. No doubt, she is going to work the hardest in this industry.
But Vinka has even a greater strength, and that lies in her solid management. Even though she sought out for a stagnant year, it is highly unlikely that her Swangz Avenue management would accept that. They are going to push her for greater heights, they will give her the much needed third-party feedback, and they will test the audience for her and appropriately choose the right songs to release. If the music industry needs a reason to be scared, Vinka is that reason. Her powers lie in the fact that most had doubted her, and nothing is better than being ignored and conquering the field while all the sheep lay asleep.

3. Spice Diana
Some prophecies are sad to make. Because sometimes, there is a person whose light has the ability to shine very bright yet they still choose not to live up to that potential. Spice Diana is that one character. She suffers from almost the similar disease that has afflicted the likes of Lydia Jazmine, Amaru and APass. Jazmine is comfortable being there, playing it simple with her awesome vocals. Amaru came on the scene at the time of the Club Music Video Awards and after that went into an oblivion, assuming more airs of importance than necessary to survive in the industry. Then you have APass, extremely talented yet finds more happiness in doing ‘soso media’ comedy than release the great hits that he has to himself.

Spice Diana was beaten by police officers during the KCCA Carnival

So Spice Diana has this one wave that she deserves to surf, it is that critical moment of hers, one that Eddy Kenzo had and never misused. You have Diana having the sweetness of the Anti Kale viral music video that features the Waka Stars band. Yet one is forced to think she will not make the most of it. Spice Diana could thrive in 2018 and be great but there is that silent voice that says; ‘She’s comfortable being at the level, having that fame at her young age and playing it safe.’

4. Bebe Cool
Every industry has that big-mouthed guy that actually lives up to his words. Uganda’s music industry has its Mayweather aka Bebe Cool. He started off this year with controversy, rating his best musical acts of 2017. And many big names were missing something that did not go well with their egos. But he has always been that guy who is on everyone’s lips. And while everyone joins in the talking, he releases a song that gets play based on this controversy.

So 2018 has many indications of being Bebe Cool’s year. He is not getting any younger, he needs to prove something. The Gagamel boss has always worked harder when he has something to prove. Deep down, he must be haunted by the fact that Bobi Wine is now a honourable. He must compensate for this with more success in the music industry. If we are watching a big act, Bebe Cool is the act in the male category.

5. Sheebah
Is Sheebah going to rest? Will she ever stop? Years ago, the Swagg mama released Ice Cream. She decided that this was her moment, she would never stop hustling, and she would never stop releasing a song. And then she got the magical hands of Jeff Kiwa. This is the best combination of forces, a very ambitious manager, and a very hardworking female artiste. It is no wonder Sheebah has not found it that hard to conquer the throne as the queen of Ugandan music. Some actually think she is currently Uganda’s top music star.

Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Karungi

She already has songs with massive airplay just at the beginning of the year. Nothing is more powerful than such a momentum. She as Muwe and Weekend already doing big. More than that, she is addictive, she may not have the stage voice, but she is a performer, her dances keep the crowds engaged and she has become an influencer, not afraid of being crazy, being different but certain that the last thing you can do is ignore her.

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