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Kabs Haloha returning to TV

After getting out of the mess of Uganda Entertainment Awards (UEA) that were a disaster and even got him a stint behind bars, Ronald Kabuye, aka Kabs Haloha, is on to the next one.

Before he started the UEAs four years ago, Kabs had a TV show called Live on the Red Carpet which he presented on international TVs such as Clouds TV in Abu Dhabi and his content would air in North Africa, UAE and Tanzania as part of their deal.

The contract did not last long. Now we hear that with his awards dream on the verge of collapse, Haloha is tipped to resurrect his TV show, but to air on a local TV here. When we spoke to Haloha, he said:

“I will be joining Magic 1 and my show will be gathering content from around different high-end red carpet events.”

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