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Fyno’s condition worsens

The name Fyno might not ring a bell but he is that guy in Mayi Mayi, a collaboration with rapper Da Agent. If that is not enough, he is the guy who wrote Tokigeza by B2C, Tekinanta by Spice Diana, Njabala by Spice Diana and B2C, Slay Queen by Chozen Blood, among other songs. A few days to Christmas, the singer-songwriter was knocked by a speeding car along Salaama road in the wee hours. The accident that cost the lives of other people spared Fyno, but left him with a broken leg and arm. Although there were reports that his condition had improved, the latest we have is that the singer might not be leaving Rubaga hospital soon. According to doctors, Fyno might be tied to a wheelchair for almost a year because his bones were badly broken.
Fyno’s career was picking up and the news, according to his manager, has him worried, as it is likely to put a stalemate to his music dreams.

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