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Zanie brags about spending Shs100m on music video

If there is one singer whose source of income is unknown, it is Zanie Brown. She is not one you will find performing at concerts, no endorsements, no nothing but Zanie Brown is always posting pictures that show her living a good life. We have heard stories that she is married to a tycoon based in South Africa and mbu everything comes to her on a silver plate. Now the latest we have gathered is that the Yafuka Muyaye singer spent Shs100m on her new video titled You and I. The video that was shot in South Africa was released early last week and it has since stirred some controversy about its quality.

Speaking to Zanie Brown, she said the video was shot in Cape Town and Durban and that one of the reasons it was expensive to shoot was because they hired a plane, which they used all day to shoot some of the scenes. “I love quality things and I always want to work with the best, it is the reason I sought a South African videographer,” Zanie said.

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