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Yat Madit wins Intercultural Innovation award

Yat Madit, ‘The Crossroads project’, a Ugandan film was one of the top ten  global grassroots organizations receiving the 2017 intercultural Innovation Award bestowed by the United Nations Alliance of Civilization (UNAOC) and the BMW group on Thursday.

The Intercultural Innovation Award ceremony which was held at the UN headquarters in New York was chaired by Mr Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasse, High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilization, and Mr Bill McAndrews, Vice president BMW Group communications strategy, Corporate and market communications.

The ‘Crossroads Project’ uniquely uses media as an alternative approach to promote peace and was very successful when implemented in Nothern-Eastern.

Following consultation with the community, MFA designed and produced a 13-episode television and radio drama series. Yat madit based on real life experiences was aired nationally and explored topics such as the plight of post war communities and influenced public perceptions towards Cultural Diversity. Dialogue sessions after screenings were held to create ground for collaborative problems solving using non-violent methods.

The Intercultural Innovation Award supports grassroots initiatives that promote intercultural dialogue and understanding, thereby contributing to peace, cultural diversity and more inclusive societies.

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