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Hamisa Mobetto roasted in Nigeria

Hamisa Mobetto has taken her newly-found fame to Nigeria but the reception she got was something she never expected.

The socialite was in Nigeria for a beauty pageant but while there, she declared to the beauty pageant judges and all Nigerian women that she’s more beautiful than all of them.

Hamisa Mobetto

She shared a photo on social media declaring herself the most beautiful woman in Nigeria despite being Tanzanian.

“The most beautiful girl in Nigeria is Tanzanian,” She captioned the picture.

The post angered the Nigerians who decided to hit back by calling her out. Judging from the comments left on her post, the Nigerians attacked her with all their might!

Others went on to ask her to wipe off the layers of make up on her face before speaking while others called her all sorts of names.

“You still look old with makeup, maybe you should first remove it before you try comparing yourself to Naija babes, baby mama and husband snatcher, please take a seat.”

“This one is operating on a high form of weed.”

“You can never be a Nigerian because we don’t have pot holes on our faces that we have to use potty filler like you did, u are just a monkey with no direction.”

Some of the comments on Hamisa Mobetto’s post.

“Remove your make-up ooh, Imagine, how can a Tanzanian be the most beautiful in Nigeria….”

Hamisa was a video vixen in Diamond Platinum’s ‘Solome’ song who later became a mother to the singer’s second son. She has been at loggerheads with Zari over Diamond and is slated to be in Uganda soon for Don Zella’s white party at club Play.

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