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Gaetano and Crystal to host Friends with Benefits season II

If someone wakes up and decides to compile a list of the luckiest Ugandans, consider it a crime if Gaetano Kaggwa does not feature on it. The media personality always has a gig running or one in the pipeline any season of the year. Now if that is not lady luck smiling down on this guy then I don’t know what it is!

Latest news reaching us is that Kaggwa has yet again been handed the opportunity to host NSSF’s Friends with Benefits social security fund television show with co-host Crystal Newman.

The two renown personalities hosted the inaugural edition in 2016 and instantly captivated viewers with the ease at which they broke down complex financial jargons.


Gaetano Kaggwa (L) and Crystal Newman (R) will be returning to television screens early next year. COURTESY PHOTO

Word is that their chemistry on set, had viewers  eager for their return as hosts of the second season that starts in January next year.

The Friends with Benefits show is an initiative that showcases people who have received their NSSF benefits and used it to transform their lives and that of others.

The top 16 successful stories will be aired in a compelling TV show on Nation Media’s Group’s broadcaster NTV, where winners will be selected through voting by the public and an expert panel of Judges .Three winners will be rewarded Shs55 million to further improve their lives.

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