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Will Fille finally have a concert


We have been taken for a ride by both Fille and her boyfriend Mc Kats for a very long time. The first time they announced that Fille was having a concert, it never happened and next thing we heard was that they were going to get married. That was the first diversion. They then announced that 2017 was the year she would be having her maiden concert.

A few days to the show, Kats releases pictures with a caption that Fille had beaten him. We all jumped on that and forgot about the concert. Maybe they were not sure about the venue as the musician cannot handle Serena or Freedom City, while Theatre Labonita seems to be a small venue for her.

But having seen what Roja and Slick Stuart did at Golf Course Hotel last Friday, the She Got No Money artiste thinks it is the perfect venue for her maiden concert. Of course we will take this with some pinch of salt because we cannot afford to play surprised if they drop some stunt when the day closes in.

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