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Sheilah Gashumba gets smitten with 17-year-old

Frank Gashumba was sometime back overheard saying he would castrate any broke man who messed with his daughter. Since then, we have not known of a man who has dared to date Sheilah Gashumba. Were all the men who found her an object of interest broke and feared to be castrated or was this girl secretly dating?

Well like they say, all that is done in the dark will come to light, and last Friday at the Mixtape Party, the petite NTV presenter showed up in the company of Deus Nduggwa, commonly known as Grenade Deus. The 17-year-old Wagwan singer was first seen in the company of Sheilah a few months ago at the launch of Coke Studio, where Sheilah ensured that her photos were not taken.

But much as she had convinced everyone that they are just friends, a visibly-drunk Sheilah could not hide it for long as the two eventually had their hands allover eachother, kissing all night. After the show, the two were seen taking the elevators, probably heading home.

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