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Do we really deserve all this Zari-Mobeto-Don Zella drama?

The festive season in Uganda usually brings us its own cocktail of ba-summer. This time round we had the ba-summer build up with a one Bryan White ending prematurely with his jailing.
Anyways let’s forget about that drama king and focus on the drama queens socialite Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobeto, both baby mamas to Diamond platnumz, who have both decided to grace us, fresh from the “Diamond camp” and host/feature at their two different events on the same day.

Wow! Ugandans have really suffered banaye, eeish! So anything goes as far as we are concerned. I mean, one can confidently sit and ask themselves, when did these two become an issue here that they can confidently think and believe that they will cause mayhem in December when they show up?

Imagine this, a one Don Zella now oba who is this one, thinks of a party and chooses to invite Diamond Platnumz’ younger baby mama- Mobeto to pull a crowd and give Zari a run for her money! And why is this so? Why does it have to happen here and not any other East African country? Why? Mbu because Ugandans can choose and have anything hyped for attention? One can relate to the fact that Ugandans are fun loving people, very warm and hospitable and above all, very tolerant.

Regardless of the good and positive vibes categorised with Ugandans, we need to learn when to draw the line and what to take in as and when. These concocted camps in Zari, Mobeto and Don Zella would never take their drama to any country and make a dime because they have their values and know when and how to compromise that or not.

Why should we embrace all this drama at will so that such people take us for granted? We can have better ways to celebrate the festive season than be cheerleaders to women who are clearly dealing with their own issues publicly.
Anyway, at the end of the day, I can just sit here and mind my own business. Let the fans have their blast because they know why they are die hard Zari, Hamisa or Don whatever fans, right?
To the rest, have a merry Christmas, have fun, and take care!

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