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Radio, Weasel perform on a Monday

God made man, man made money, money made man run mad. Okay, that may be farfetched but Brian White must have made quite some offer to have Radio and Weasel perform on a Monday. The duo, who always give their Mondays to meetings and chilling with their families and friends after a hectic weekend were made to drive from Kampala to Mityana on short notice to perform four songs at a meeting organised by Brian White.
Asked how much they had been paid, an insider in the Goodlyfe camp said: “How much do you think someone can pay after calling you in the middle of a meeting, tell you to drive to Mityana without even booking?” Well we will guess; Not less than Shs5m plus fuel worth Shs1m, maybe? Meanwhile, we heard that the duo had to wait for close to three hours to perform as Brian White distributed items to the locals.

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