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Fyno: I am bothered when compared to Ziza Bafana

MUSIC MAKER: His name will only ring a bell when you hear the song Mayi Mayi where he featured Da Agent. Fyno is also a songwriter and has written songs such as Tokigeza by B2C, Njabala by Spice Diana & B2C, Mpakana by Rhoda K, Tekinanta by Spice Diana, Tokombako. The rising artiste shares the story of his journey.

What is the meaning of the name Fyno?
Fyno is my stage name, given to me by friends back then when we were trying out music. I used to help them write songs but whenever they called me to studio, they told me to rush because they knew I was their final man, I only changed the spelling to Fyno. My real name is Joseph Ssuuna.

When did you join the music industry?
I used to do music while still in school, although it lacked promotion. I officially joined the industry in 2015 as a songwriter but now I am focusing less on writing and more on singing.

How was it starting out your music career?
It was tough that I had to do my own promotion, I did not know anyone in the music industry and because of that, nothing was progressing. It was not until the beginning of this year that I was signed to Kombart Music managed by Jaid and Morcan, who have helped me establish myself.

Which other artistes are in Kombart Music?
I am the only artiste at the moment because I think management wants to work with me.

What song introduced you to the industry?
Last year, there was a song titled Byebino, which I did with Da Agent. It was not so bad and a few people got to know me from that song.

Talking of you and Da Agent, we thought it was a duo, what happened?
It was not a duo. I met Da Agent while in school because I grew up in Namungoona and he was in Nansana. We all liked music and often met at the studio. We then decided to do a song together, Mayi Mayi, where I only helped on the intro and chorus.

Are you still in touch with him?
We meet once in a while at events or in bars and also talk on phone but we parted ways because of different management.

Did you copy your style from Da Agent?
We just happened to both be fast rappers and it was one of the reasons we connected and became friends.

Do you think you will ever work together again?
Since we are far from each other, I think it is hard to work together since our managements also have different goals.

What makes you different?
Unlike most artistes, I can rap and sing in the same song. I am a song writer and producer. I used to produce my own songs but they were not promoted. I doubt there are many artistes who can do the same.

Talking of rapping and singing at the same time, you sound a bit like Ziza Bafana.
Many people have compared me to Ziza Bafana ever since I did the song Ndigito. I think it bothers me when I am compared to Ziza Bafana. With all due respect, he has spent more time in the industry and he is good, but I am better. If he could do all that I do then it would be okay to compare us.

We have heard that you go straight to studio and start singing?
I have never written lyrics, even when I write a song for an artiste, I call them to studio and sing in my voice and they record. For my songs, I just walk to studio and sing according to the producer’s beat.

Which producer do you work with?
Starting out, I used to work with Eddie D, Lex Logic and Kaysam Kumapeesa. I found a producer called Artin Pro and he is my official producer at JahLive Studio.

What inspires your lyrics?
I believe that we artistes act like the fans’ mirrors. When there is something ongoing in our environment, I will bring it out in form of a song.

Which artiste inspires you?
In Uganda, I am inspired by Peter Miles because I think he is a complete artiste and a true dancehall artiste. Internationally, it is Jamaican singer Elephant Man, he sings in a high pitch and lowers it in the same song. I also rehearsed my vocals from Chris Brown songs, I think he helped me master the craft of singing.

Do you support the Save Ugandan Music?
As Fyno, I strongly support the initiative because it will make Ugandan music grow. It can be done better by blocking international music from Uganda for some time. In that space, we can know if it is actually international music blocking local music.

Who is Fyno?

I am 24 years old born to Sirigi Balaba and Mary Nankinga. I come from a family of five and I am the first born. I attended school at Goodhope Primary School in Namungoona, Namungoona Parents Secondary School. And because I wanted to bypass A-level, I joined catering school but also did not finish because I was taken up by doing music.

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