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Celebrity relationship drama in 2017


FAMOUS IN LOVE: Celebs are people like us and when it comes to matters of the heart, they are not left out. It was quite some year for many celebrities and the kind of drama we were treated to in their relationships is similar to a script from a telenovela. Some of the couple drama that stood out was the Zari-Diamond-Mobeto triangle that seems to still go on, the Chameleone-Daniella divorce filing and then no divorce, and more as Carolyne B. Atangaza writes.

Relationships are generally dramatic but when it comes to celebrities, their drama seems to be fuelled by steroids. From cheating spouses, molesters and breakups, we look back at the couples that made news this year.

Singer Jose Chameloene’s wife Daniella Atim early this year went to court seeking to divorce her husband to end their nine-year marriage. The couple’s relationship has been characterised by breakups and reconciliations. In the suit, Atim accused Chameloene of assaulting her constantly while drunk. Shortly after the story went viral, Chameleone took to his social media and denied that they were breaking up. It was therefore no surprise when news broke a few weeks later that Atim had withdrawn the case against the singer and the couple was now willing to work out their differences and restore their marriage. Chameleone and Atim have four children together; Abba Mayanja aged 11, Alfa Mayanja, 8, Alba Mayanja, 4, and Amma Mayanja, 3.

Cedric and Karo
Actor and sports personality Cedric Babu Ndilima this year gave his wife the worst Valentine’s Day present ever. After months of accusations and denials, the Kinetic Entertainment boss took to his social media to declare his raging love for disc spinner, DJ Karo, real name Carol Kisukye. “Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you but especially to this beautiful lady Karo,” the post appeared with her photo which he shared on Instagram. The loved up Karo responded to the shout out with another gushing message wishing her “special friend” a happy Valentine’s Day.

This cyber display of affection came shortly after Babu’s wife and mother of his three children, Allison Gallagher had accused Karo of having an affair with her husband. Resorting to the only medium that could have an effect on Karo, Gallagher took to her social media to mock Karo’s values and shame her for ‘sleeping with her husband’. “When a woman destroys another woman’s family, is it a lot to ask for her to pick up her phone? God fearing DJ Karo, feminist, Uganda next generation leader sleeps with married men. #values. Thank you Carol for empowering women through sports and thank you for sleeping with my husband,” she tweeted. Karo did not respond to any of the drama that ensued, while her man stood tall and defended his girl. The two are now engaged.

Eddy Kenzo and Rema
We have seen this drama play out many times that we can predict with astonishing accuracy on how it all ends. Eddy Kenzo is the poor boy that makes it big and manages to marry the girl formerly out of his league Rema Namakula, he then realises that he can actually do better.



Kenzo is currently one of the biggest Ugandan artistes who must be overwhelmed by the extent of his fame. This level of fame has the potential of changing the way a person thinks and behaves. It is therefore not very surprising that there are several reports indicating that Kenzo and Rema’s relationship is so irreparable that he moved out of their shared home and was crushing at his Makindye-based studio. Sources close to the couple claimed that the couple had been warring for a while which encouraged the Sitya Loss singer to accept more and more overseas gigs to stay away from the relationship mess. Kenzo has since dismissed the breakup claims, saying they are still strong as a couple, blaming certain journalists for spreading falsehoods.

Winnie Nwagi
Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has been very private about her relationship so you can imagine the shock when she took to her social media to expose her boyfriend General Czarbu as an abusive man. Using her Snapchat, the singer revealed that she was breaking up with the “abusive and broke a**e”. However in an online interview with Matooke Republic, the Musaawo singer denied any physical abuse but admitted to a heated verbal exchange and claimed to still be in love with her man. “We did not fight as earlier reported. We only had an exchange of words and it was okay! The snapshot post I made was just like any other post a human being can make. No offence,” she said.

The bickering Shongas
Who could ever forget the picture of Herbert Shonga kissing his wife’s generous behind on their wedding day? By all appearances this seemed like a couple that was set for life. Imagine the ripples of shock that engulfed social media when Dorothy revealed she was ending the marriage just a day before the couple’s one year anniversary in a live Facebook video. Dorothy accused Shonga of using her hard-earned money to cheat on her. Consequently the couple is embroiled in a property war as each partner is determined to leave the marriage as comfortable as possible. The couple has two children together.


Single again Kansiime
Back in 2014, an excited Anne Kansiime took to her page to share with her fans some really big news. “I am off the shelf. Swept off my feet. Ate I was putting on shoes but I still did not survive the sweeping. The man (not Ken Lukyamuzi) came, looked at me, saw what he liked and said what’s up.” read the beginning of a long lovey dovey post. “Banange people, I hope you all one day get to experience this kind of happiness. The kind brought about by rio rav (real love). Kansiime Anne Ojok. It will take some time to get used to the extra name but I would not change it for anything in the world. The man responsible for all this happiness is Gerald Ojok and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him,” the comedienne gushed. Fast forward to 2017 and Kansiime had moved on to another script which did not include Ojok or marriage. Although the couple remained tight-lipped about the cause of the breakup, rumours abound that it was sparked by a disagreement over having children and lack of respect.

Apparently Dark Chocolate supported by his family were impatient and wanted to have children immediately yet Kansiime was determined to ride her current wave of fame for a little bit longer and children did not fit in this plan. We hear that Ojok has since moved on and does not want any reminder of Kansiime, including any property or money accrued during the couple’s time together. “Kansiime offered to split the property but Ojok and his mother rejected the offer outright,” a source revealed.

The conquering side chick
Little known Dellah Ssali finally had her 15 minutes of fame as she transitioned from side chick to Fufa President Moses Magogo’s wife. To the casual observer, the on-a-bended knee Magogo looked like a smitten middle aged man embarking on a new adventure. Yet in actual truth, the gorgeous Ssali is Magogo’s second wife and the two had been dating for a long time. The couple’s lavish engagement party and consequent Kwanjula elevated Ssali’s status in her circles as every slay queen started taking notes from her game plan on how to find and keep a man with class.

Zari and Platnumz
This couple’s drama had the semblance of a Telenovela. On one side was the irresistible charming philandering husband, Platnumz torn between two incredibly gorgeous powerful women Zari and Mobeto. When the news broke of Platnumz’ unfaithfulness that resulted in a baby with the Tanzanian socialite, social media caught fire as women all over the region picked sides and passionately expressed their support.

Never one to leave an opportunity un-milked, As if sad from the events, Zari travelled all the way to her ex-husband’s grave in Kayunga and took pictures to share her utter dejection with the world. There was even a move to boycott Platnumz’ concert as a show of solidarity. The socialite then took to her Instagram to delete all photos of Diamond, insinuating that all was probably over.

But it was not long before we saw the two together again and just when we thought all was well, a while later Diamond was spotted in Dubai holidaying with his baby mama Mobeto. Zari could not resist the temptation and snickered at her cheating husband through a cryptic message on her Snapchat. “So y’all are breaking records for how many baby mamas and babies you got and not how many hit records you’re selling… Someone call for condom endorsements,” she posted. For now, fences seem to have been mended, but will this couple make it to next year? Your guess is as good as ours.

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