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Acute Angle

Loosen up at that party!

It is that time of the year when everyone is in party mood. Well, at least most of them. Many end of year themed parties will be thrown just about everywhere. It is a time to unwind, turn up the heat at least before the year comes to an end. If you got dead drunk at last year’s end of year work party and regretted it since, it is time to make a remix of that night. Go make such a nuisance of yourself for the culture hahaha. A year of kicking your goals in the butt should not go uncelebrated. Even if you were kinda off the rail this year, you still get an E for effort and deserve to twerk your bums off in front of your Head Of Department. For those that had issues with workmates, it is that time to bury the hatchet. Drinks and music can solve the most complicated issues. As you go to many of these parties, bear some of this in mind.

I will say this again, loosen up in every sense of the word. That means, release the belly that is always under siege in ill-fitting suits. Do not show up in your suit, unless it is some theme y’all planned at work. Go and release the stress of those intense meetings, the deadlines. Basically everything. Everything that has made you heavy with burden at work should be left at the end of year party. There will always be the so called ‘bosses’ or ordinary workers that do not want their ‘reputation’ ruined by a little fun. Stuck up bosses are such a drag. You cannot be stuck up throughout the year. Mix with your peeps and blast. Do not eyeball the HR for the whole night because she was quiet about your allowances throughout 2017. In fact, settle it via a dance-off. It can be very cheeky yet fun. The whole point is to leave everything there and forget the stuff that made your workplace a challenge.

Know your limits with alcohol. Forget what I said earlier. Loosening up does not mean lose your senses. There are people who let alcohol go to their heads and start pinning their bosses on the walls for a dab. Alcohol will also tempt you into believing that you are the dancer of the century. Trust me you do not need to make history that will haunt you for generations. Drink controllably. It is possible to drink and have fun without looking like a complete cornball. And then we have the heroes who always want to steal the bottles of whisky to take them home. Guys, you are at a party not a brewery. Keep your thirst for alcohol as low as possible. The price could be costly. Anyway enjoy yourselves guys.

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