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In the theatres this weekend


Bikambagga @ National Theatre
Deo Ssebuufu together with his group Pride Performers will act a stage play titled Bikambagga this evening at National Theatre and also launch a book of the same title during the evening. Entrance will be 20k and event will start at 7pm.

Amangdibba @ Theatre Labonita
The Ebonies are back with their new stage production titled Amangdibba tonight and tomorrow at Theatre Labonita. The production will be staged at 7pm and entrance is 25k, first class and 30k VIP. They will also be staging their play Enggwalanggwawa’ mu flight-36 at the same venue for 25k and 30k VIP.

Ekwekwetezi @ Bat valley Theatre
Aromatic Entertainment in conjunction with Stream live entertainment present a play titled Ékwekwetezi (The Handshake) this weekend Saturday and Sunday at 6pm at Bat Valley Theatre. Entrance is 20k.

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