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Nameere’s celebrates detention of Red Pepper editors

Justine Namere

As many people bemoan the detention of eight editors and directors of a local daily tabloid, Red Pepper, as an attack of media freedom, others are celebrating and rejoicing over their plight.
One of those that has openly come out to approve their detention is television personality, Justine Nameere, whose rant against the journalists has gone viral on social media.
Nameere is over the moon celebrating the arrest of the publication’s editors.

In the rant, a seemingly bitter Nameere writes: “You have defamed people, you have destroyed people’s careers and
relationships, you have shattered dreams, you have undressed mothers, disabled fathers, you have crushed role models, belittled Kings and Queens, you have accused men of God falsely, you have told material falsehoods about people you have indeed made money out of sowing in the Devil’s Gardens.”

She goes on to write about the different personalities like former Chief Justice Wako Wambuzi, who she claims came under fire due to reports by Red Pepper and scoffs at the latter for crying out to human rights agencies and other media houses to support their case.
She however, reveals that the reason behind her detest for the tabloid is a personal one since they have written several negative stories about her husband and her personal life.

“When I resigned my job at Minibuzz because I was pregnant with my first born and my health wasn’t well, I couldn’t keep up with waking up so early and traveling so much as was required at Minibuzz, you fools lied to people that I had been fired!” she writes.

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