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Pablo live shows returns with more fun

After almost a year of not appearing on any comedy stage, comedian Kenneth Kimuli, popularly known as Pablo, finally bounced back on stage last night at the Uganda National Cultural Centre, also known as the National Theatre.

Clad in a blue dress-like kitengi shirt, long enough to cover the knees, Pablo stepped on stage amidst loud cheers from the audience at approximately 8:15pm on Tuesday evening.

“In Africa, political changes are immediate. When the Zimbabwean president fired his vice, he appointed the wife to become the vice president. My friends, people are very strategic when it comes to family planning,” Pablo kicked off the show.

He added that; “Now that doctors are on strike, everyone is becoming a doctor, including boda boda riders. They have medication for every illness, even when you have collapsed.”

Unlike in the past where the Pablo live show took place on every last Friday of the month, this time round, it will be taking place every Tuesday at National theatre.

Mid way into the show, Mark Agaba, who goes by the stage name Uncle Mark, also stepped on stage to narrate his ordeal of how the landlord at his place of residence created a WhatsApp group for his tenants. The landlord, Uncle Mark continued, is always active on the group 24/7 to keep watch of who of his tenants is always awake.

“Before he (Landlord) knew it, Joshua, one of his tenants left the group. Another one called Ben was removed. I later discovered that it was me and the landlord left in the group. I also left the group and he remained in alone but I do not know whom he was chatting with,” Uncle Mark said, attracting loud laughter from the audience, before cracking a joke of how DJs from his home district of Kamwenge have names that are longer than songs they play.

Other performers of the night included Gad Gumisiriza, who goes by the stage name Kanyankore, rotaract club of Kampala North musical in a six-minute Bollywood dance, Jaaja Wankoko, Gordon Mugoda, among others.

Most of these performers, Pablo said are upcoming comedians who have been undergoing nurturing at Tangaza Arts centre at Makerere.

“There is a lot of talent who lack a platform to perform. This show is not all about comedy but also for talented comedians to be exposed. It will be bringing its fans what happens in the country and the world in political satire and other forms of entertainment every week,” Pablo concluded. The show ended at approximately 10:25pm.

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